"Picture a 19th Century group of 10 talented former slaves who formed a traveling road show to raise more than $150,000 as seed money to start the historic Fisk University in Nashville, Tenn...  Now that documentary novel by Cincinnatian Vivian B Kline titled "Let Freedom Sing: of 19th Century Americans" sounds like a great script for a future opera or musical......Their white chaperone becomes the heroine of the  singer's journey as she meets some famous characters including Horace Greeley, P.T Barnum, Mary Todd Lincoln, Frederick Douglas, Susan B. Anthony, Vicky Woodhull and many others.

Letters between her and her good friend back in Cincinnati, along with entries in the diary of the pianist of the singing group, provide a great picture of the 1860s and 1870s....When chapter two won a prize in a competition, Kline was encouraged to expand  it and complete the book...An extensive bibliography confirms the historical references for those who want to learn more."

by Dan Yount of The Cincinnati Herald, Award winning Newspaper
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